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Oracle Commerce On-Premise Version 11.3 Release – Everything you need to know

Oracle Commerce On-Premise Version 11.3 Release – Everything you need to know

Recently Oracle announced the release of Oracle Commerce On-Premise version 11.3! Here is everything you need to know about it.

Oracle Commerce Updates

Oracle Commerce 11.3 includes a completely new Representational State Transfer (REST) web services (API) framework. With this mature and flexible framework, it is now easier to integrate the platform with other systems. This enables merchants to maximize their Oracle Commerce investment by moving from a monolithic architecture to the one which is more service-oriented.

The diagram below shows the flow of REST MVC (till Oracle Commerce 11.2 version) v/s the completely New REST framework (ATG JAX RS (11.3)Oracle 11.3

The Following diagram shows the flow of the main REST framework component that are used when an HTTP request is made. The REST framework is initiated when a request is received by the jersey servlet. The servlet is responsible for invoking the provider  components in the correct order:

Oracle 11.3


Enhanced Type Ahead Functionality – In the previous versions, the type-ahead functionality had to be indexed separately. However, that is not the case in version 11.3. The ATG Search supports the type-ahead feature which provide selections to the user for completing the query text.

Business Control Centre

With Oracle Commerce 11.3, Flex has been replaced by JET – Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit. It facilitates faster access to the Business Users and the UI supersedes the contemporaries.

The BCC’s Targeting and Segmentation UI, previously implemented in the Java Server Pages (JSP), has been rewritten in Oracle JET.

Experience Manager

In the earlier versions, the cartridges were developed only with the XML files, which is now replaced by JSON in 11.3. However, it enables users to import their existing XML and convert them to the JSON based templates. This feature was introduced for Better Memory Optimization.

Additionally, Oracle re-wrote the rule list which helped in increasing the accessibility with JSON input and output formats. These formats are easier to use and help utilize the memory more efficiently.

The new UI of the experience templates will help address the performance problems experienced by 11.2 customers that use a large quantity of rules. This version enables quicker loading, sorting, and searching.

Oracle Commerce 11.3 features additional UI enhancements:

  • An inline editor in Rich Text cartridge editor
  • Quick delete of boost and buried refinements
  • A more intuitive boost and bury editor layout
  • Improved slot editor layout

The 11.3 version has removed flash based experience manager and the same is now replaced by Oracle JET (Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit).


Though Oracle Commerce 11.3 release is classified as a minor release, it has numerous enhancements for business user tools, such as, Business Control Centre and Experience Manager. It also includes many new guided search features; a completely new Representational State Transfer (REST) web services (API) framework and enhanced Type-ahead functionality.

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