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Choosing the Right Oracle Commerce Solution – On-premise or Oracle Commerce Cloud

Choosing the Right Oracle Commerce Solution – On-premise or Oracle Commerce Cloud

Oracle Commerce (ATG and Endeca) is among the most powerful Ecommerce platform. The online businesses choose this solution for its immense benefits such as scalability, personalization and inclusiveness.

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Oracle Commerce Cloud is the next generation, multi-tenant offering from Oracle Commerce. It has the capabilities of the powerful SaaS platform, along with the features of Oracle Commerce solution suite and its deep industry expertise. In its cloud offering, Oracle facilitates ease of use and extensibility.

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Oracle Commerce on-premise solution and Oracle Commerce Cloud have distinct features with their own set of Pros and Cons. Before choosing any of these products, a customer should analyze their short term and long term requirements, data set, customer base, complexity of features, promotions etc.

This blog will give you a holistic idea on whether to opt for an Oracle Commerce on-Premise product or to choose Oracle Commerce Cloud. We will share with you some pertinent details and key features for both the solutions that will help you make the right decision while choosing your oracle commerce solution.

Oracle Commerce (on-Premise):

  • Combination of ATG and Endeca acquisitions
  • Leader in ecommerce, used by many companies in the IR top 500 list
  • A framework for building ecommerce sites
  • Provides Solutions as
  • Oracle Commerce Platform
  • Oracle Commerce Experience Manager
  • Oracle Commerce Service Center
  • Focus on scalability, performance and personalized experiences

Oracle Commerce Key Features:

  • Scale and Performance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data Anywhere Architecture
  • Advanced Segments and Targeted Content
  • Unified Multisite Architecture
  • Adaptive Personalization Engine
  • Best-in-Class Search & Guided Navigation
  • Reporting & Big Data Analytics

Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC)

Contrary to popular belief, Oracle Commerce Cloud is NOT an Oracle Commerce product running on a cloud. It’s an entirely new product offering, which is reimagined cloud delivery of a service; and is extremely agile.

Oracle Commerce Cloud is evolving quickly!

OCC Key Features

  • Support for Aggressive growth
  • API-First Architecture
  • Simplified Extensibility
  • No Penalty Pricing
  • Rapid Deployment Model
  • Automatic Seamless Upgrades
  • Easy Front end Configurations
  • Flexibility is better compared to On-Premise Ecommerce Platform
  • Scalability and Availability from SaaS (Software as a Service) is better than On-Premise Ecommerce Platform
  • Checkout enhancement from 70% to 95%
  • Improved Site Performance
  • Customization supported
  • Infrastructure will be handled by Oracle (it turns out to be saving)
  • Up to 30% savings in License cost(including support license) compared to On-Premise license


SynergyTop has extensive experience in working on both Oracle Commerce – On Premise and Cloud solutions. We recommend that you choose your solution based on these parameters –

Oracle Commerce – On Premise Oracle Commerce Cloud
Mid to large companies that want full flexibility over front and back-end Small to mid-market companies
Large IT-ecommerce teams Focus on time to market, not requirements
Multi-site, multi-currency Lower implementation costs and TCO (infrastructure, ongoing S&M)
Complex Requirements

– Checkout process, shipping needs, in-store integration
– Inventory needs, bundled goods
– Custom pricing, volume pricing
– Advanced promotions, personalization

Large companies that want to quickly spinoff a new site(new market, brand etc)
Control over releases (features, upgrades) and hosting Small IT-ecommerce teams
Most B2B customers B2C, single catalog
B2B customers with simple B2C requirements


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