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SynergyTop Celebrates San Diego’s 7th Ranking in the Software Power Index

SynergyTop Celebrates San Diego’s 7th Ranking in the Software Power Index

Based on the findings of the recent report titled “Software Development: Driving San Diego’s Tech Ecosystem” by San Diego Regional EDC

SynergyTop is a software and innovation services company based out of San Diego. The city is currently in the limelight for its 7th ranking in the Software Power Index as per the Economic Impact Analysis conducted by San Diego Regional EDC.

The Software Power Index combines data on the concentration of software developers, employee retention, computer science degrees per capita, computer/math degree attainment among the 25+ population, job/wage growth, average wage adjusted for cost of living and VC dollars per capita to compare the top 50 US metros. The top rankers as per this index are San Jose, Seattle and San Francisco.

As per the report, the city’s economic impact in the Software Development industry is $12.2 Billion and impacts about a 100,000 jobs directly or indirectly.

Key Highlights

  • San Diego has 21,600 software developers.
  • 2.4 X – For every 100 software jobs created, 244 jobs are being created through indirect and induced impact.
  • $4.9 Billion in wages paid to software professionals in San Diego, which averages to $120,000 per software professional.
  • $3.2 Billion paid to workers that reap indirect benefits of Software industry.
  • The city has received a funding of $1.16 Billion in VC investments last year.
  • San Diego ranks 10th in the US for concentration of software development workers – app developers, systems developers and computer programmers.

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San Diego has emerged as a winner in the quality of professionals available. The study shares how the city

  • Ranks #7 in the Computer Science degree holders, per 1000 employees
  • Ranks #14 among the professionals above 25 years of age with a Computer/ Math degree
  • Ranks #7 in job growth, wage growth, wage adjusted for cost of living
  • San Diego boasts of a higher retention rate vis-à-vis its contemporaries.

This study predicts that the software jobs are likely to grow at a rate of 18.1% rate in the following year. SynergyTop is excited to be a part of this growth spurt and shine along with our home city.

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