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Why to choose Angular for building your Web Apps

Why to choose Angular for building your Web Apps

Angular framework has been gaining a lot of focus and is being extensively used by developers the world over. Development process being simplified and the open source development framework being capable of addressing the development challenges, no wonder Angular development companies are getting high recognition and increasing popularity among.

There are compelling reasons why Angular is drawing the attention of global developers

Easier and Faster Development Causes Popularity of Angular to Grow

Initially used as an effective tool for developing desktop apps, the Angular framework has today achieved a niche in building progressive web apps. Developed by Google, it has been playing a major role in simplifying front-end development since its inception in the year 2009. Of late, there has been a great demand for Angular development service.

Comprising of several plugins and frameworks suiting to developers and designers alike, today, Angular has become irreplaceable for building most architecture as well as maintainable applications. Largely being used as a vital part in building adaptable and robust single page applications, this structure has been composed in JavaScript. Using HTML as template language is also facilitated. Speed and seamless creation of apps make Angular Development in San Diego more and more popular.

Angular is the natural choice in the modern Web Application Development Setting

Why is Angular the First Choice for Building Web and Mobile Apps of the Future?

o MVC Design Architecture
While several frameworks develop only mobile apps and do not split them into MVC architecture, Angular—as it strings together the application code—provides this facility, saving development time and reducing the time for marketing the app.

o Expressive User Interface
HTML is used for defining codes for user interface in Angular; developers’ efforts to write complete JS codes are reduced. HTML being intuitive and clearer, complexities in codes can be avoided, thus enabling building user-friendly and highly interactive apps and website having high functionalities.

o Less Coding Effort
Normally, writing code involves complexities and demands tireless effort and core competence. With Angular framework extending its realm from JS to HTML, it can be used for developing simple, yet interactive responsive web design.

o Two-way Data Binding
The functionality of two-way binding that facilitates changes performed in applications objects to be reflected in user interface and vice versa is an added benefit of Angular. Upon encountering any browser event, user action, or module changes, this framework updates the required patterns instantly.

o Faster Development
Following the MVC architecture, Angular ensures quick initiation and building of projects. Testing and maintenance are also faster.

o Custom Directives
One of the exclusive advantages offered by Angular framework is that it allows use of HTML directives by developers at instances where inbuilt directives prove non-profitable or tricky.

o Modularity
Creating multiple modules for a single application is possible with Angular. Each module connected to the other, they may be combined to efficiently run the application finally.

o Single Page Application (SPA)-oriented Features
SPA features and Angular being associated with each other, form validation capabilities are achieved.

Testing simplicity, ready-made solutions, and client side solutions make Angular more and more popular. Helping create great single page apps that enhance user experience through simple navigations, Angular presents information in an easy-to-use and fresh way. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Angular Development Companies in San Diego, you may approach us!

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