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Technologies and Trends that will rule Mobile Development in 2019

Technologies and Trends that will rule Mobile Development in 2019

More than 1.5 billion smartphones were sold to end users in 2017 (Statista). The smartphones sale continues to grow year after year and as a result, mobile application development continues to be a thriving vocation.

However, with 2.1 million Apps on Google Play Store and about 2 million app on the Apple’s AppStore (Statista), you need to ensure that the application developed by you stands out.

Your idea needs to be unique and appealing and the application needs to be intuitive, functional interface, simple and swift navigation, user-friendly and high performing. Here is the list of technologies and trends that will help you create winning mobile apps in 2019.


Excellent UX and UI is a pre-requisite in Mobile App Development. UX plays a vital role in engaging the customer’s interest, fostering users’ loyalty and ensures repeated use of the app. Simplicity is the key to the success of a mobile app. The interface should be clutter-free and must facilitate the interaction between the app and users with minimum functions. An easy navigation enables the users to browse through your application with minimum clicks and zero obstructions.

A well-designed and intuitive application attracts, engages and retain users and leads to higher conversions. It also saves the time, efforts and money involved in frequent app updates.

Some UX tips –

  • Uniform interface across the application
  • Faster loading speed
  • Using large formats and designs to discourage distractions
  • Using large resolution to avoid any blurry images
  • Using minimum text and fonts
  • Checking usability, response and features with wireframing

The Rise of AI and Bots

AI is where the future is and Google has validated that with a $400Mn acquisition of DeepMind.

Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for the future – which is personalized and intelligent apps. The mobile app developers will definitely embrace AI to engage and retain their users. The applications of tomorrow will be the perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

AI drives mobile app personalization and enhances the user-satisfaction. It is embedded in mobile solutions as chatbots or in context-aware sensors. The AI-infused intelligent applications enhance the user experience and provide an in-depth mobile app performance.

The mobile applications also use chatbots to interact with the customers and give them swift responses to their queries.

Mobile Payments

With the increase in the number of smartphones, there was a tremendous growth in mobile commerce as well. Customers are shopping more and more from the Online retail giants like eBay and Amazon using their smartphones. They are finding it more convenient to use the smartphone to make the payments. In fact, the traditional brick-and-mortar stores are also presenting the option of NFC payments.

This graph from Statista shows the total revenue of global mobile payment market from 2015 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars).

According to Statista, the next-gen payment technology, including EMV chip, QR code, and NFC/contactless payment systems is likely to reach $6109.64 billion in 2018 and $13,979.85 billion by 2022.

The NFC segment is growing at the highest rate due to its adoption in mobile handsets and wearables. However, EMV (named after its developers, Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chips are expected to dominate the market by 2022.

(Source –

Mobile apps, specially designed for the E-commerce domain need to have integrated Payment gateways with an open environment, custom integrations to CRM card-on-file platforms for shopping cart purchases, standing instructions, transaction view/reconciliation, access control, and bill pay.

Cross Platform App Development

The mobile app developers across the globe have numerous different platforms and devices in the mobile landscape. iOS and Android are the chosen development platforms for most of the designers. However, the designers are opting to choose cross-platform technologies such as React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, etc to write a common code that can be in turn, used to target multiple platforms or devices.

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