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SynergyTop Attends San Diego Start Up Week

SynergyTop Attends San Diego Start Up Week

San Diego Start Up week is an annual event that brings together passionate entrepreneurs, and gives them a platform to network with like-minded people, showcase their innovative offerings and services and share resources and knowledge. This year, the event was scheduled from June 25th to 29th at the San Diego Concourse (Civic Center).

The 5-day event was packed with interesting tracks on development, sales and marketing, design; social events, such as star- up crawls and founder’s fight club; fairs where service providers exhibited their skills, as well as discussions on many relevant topics such as CleanTech, Porduct Management, Diversity and Inclusion, BioTech, and many more.

San Diego has a growing base in software and technology industry, life sciences, energy, healthcare, and defense sector. If we take into account and compare the cost of living, commute time, and salaries; San Diego is a much preferable alternative to Silicon Valley.

SynergyTop – a Digital Solutions Provider in Web, Mobile and Ecommerce participated in this annual event. SynergyTop is based out of San Diego and has been the preferred technology partner for numerous start ups. The company has helped them by developing their prototypes as well as MVPs (minimal viable product).

SynergyTop is also engaged with Digital Agencies across the globe. We offer custom design and development services to our partners and craft responsive and intuitive websites. The company provides innovative Ecommerce solutions, custom website development and develops high performing mobile applications for their clients. The company recently launched a large-scale Ecommerce portal built using Oracle Commerce solution suite for a major foodservice supply company.

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