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Paving your Road to a Digital Enterprise

Paving your Road to a Digital Enterprise

With the advent of latest technologies in Mobile, Social, Cloud, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, enterprises can now transform their business and achieve innovation and agility.

To evolve as a Digital Enterprise, it is imperative that an organization adapts end to end digital solutions, services, and platforms. These will pave the way to bring about a fundamental change in the traditional infrastructure and engagement models.

Digital Enterprise is the pot of gold at the end of the disruptive technologies rainbow. Let me share a few challenges that you would need to overcome the various challenges of digitizing your organization and winning your pot of gold.


The first critical challenge for an organization to go digital is to decide who would take the ‘Ownership’ of this transition. I believe it is imperative to involve the key decision makers – CEO, CTO, CIO to inculcate the Digital DNA within the organization.

The involvement of key stakeholders ensures continuous assessment of the digital transformation. This also impacts the valuation and capability of portfolios, as well as helps prioritize the function or cluster of functions that really count.

Speed and Agility

Organizations need to acknowledge the impact of the disruptive technologies – Mobile, Social, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence have in the present times. For instance, the demands of digitally savvy consumers compel organizations to leverage mobility for anytime, anywhere access.

Organizations need to swiftly act on these changing business drivers. They need to customize their products and offerings at an outstanding pace to match the customers’ demands and retain them. They would also need to shorten their development in order to go-to-market faster.

Digital Skills

The next challenge is to build digital skills across the entire value chain of an enterprise. The success of an organization’s digital transformation largely depends on the digital culture and skills of its people.

A digital enterprise places the customer at the center of their operations, who are more than willing to buy goods and services through digital channels. Social Media not only offers consumers a chance to connect and share, it also compounds the volume of data that enterprises must process to understand consumer behavior and preferences.


A truly Digital Enterprise would recognize the need to Automate their entire value chain.

Automation would force the evolution of an organization to a digital enterprise, radically restructuring its traditional processes, reduce costs and enable real time insights for improved performance.

Organizations can revise their IT strategy or engage Digital enablers to create a responsive value chain.

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Jayesh is the Founder and CEO of SynergyTop, a San Diego based company providing software, web and ERP solutions to their clients across the globe. An expert in business practice management and business consulting, he looks out for new and innovative ways to leverage technology to achieve business objectives.

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