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Elastic Path V/s SuiteCommerce : Decisions, Decisions!

Elastic Path V/s SuiteCommerce : Decisions, Decisions!

It takes a lot of time, money and resources to customize, implement and maintain an Enterprise Ecommerce platform. Any decision to re-platform to an enterprise-grade ecommerce solution must take a lot of factors in consideration; such as, reducing cost, improving scalability and agility, changing business requirements, and so on.

I am going to recommend two enterprise grade Ecommerce solutions that can address the changing requirements of your growing Ecommerce business.

My first recommendation is Elastic Path – an API-first platform that empowers companies to digitally transform and innovate their business the way they want, when they want and where they want! Elastic Path is extremely flexible and primarily focused on customer’s experience.

This platform provides online businesses with capabilities like merchandising, pricing, promotions and order management. Elastic Path boosts engagement, conversion and order value.
The other option that I would recommend is SuiteCommerce! SuiteCommerce enables businesses to seamlessly connect every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business — from ecommerce, POS and order management to merchandising, marketing, inventory, financials and customer service.

SuiteCommerce creates relevant and personalized omnichannel shopping experiences across in-store, web and mobile channels. It delivers a consistent brand experience by maintaining full creative control over your website.

The Comparison

Elastic path and SuiteCommerce have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Let me highlight a few here.

Elastic Path – Pros and Cons

The platform provides Experience driven commerce. It gives the users a single view of their customers, and manages their entire digital presence from on single place. Elastic Path’s promotion and personalization engine is also easy to use and it uses Adobe Marketing Cloud as its management platform. The platform also offers advanced features like personalized merchandising, product information management and native website builder.

Some Technical Advantages –

  • The cache framework has 3 level approach; at client side (CMS), core and cortex – OpenJPA + EhCache
  • Robust Cortex API architecture – the platform delivers consistent transactional data, which can be displayed in real-time to every single one of your customer channels
  • Logging frameworks available with Log4j
  • API can be exposed from the commerce engine as both SOAP and REST Elastic Path – Disadvantages

Elastic Path is a Java based ecommerce solution! Despite the enormous range of features provided by Elastic Path, its open source code can also be a downside for some users. The majority of business owners are not that tech savvy, so they might have a hard time working with this platform.

Elastic Path also lacks Content Management features which are critical to businesses now. The platform should also ideally provide easy access to the Product Management tools and versioning of catalogue items.

SuiteCommerce – Pros and Cons

I will now share with you some Advantages and Disadvantages of SuiteCommerce – the Ecommerce solutions from NetSuite.

I would personally recommend NetSuite for its capability in engaging customer acquisition and retention by utilizing a single source of item, inventory, customer and order data to feed the organization’s customer-facing systems. SuiteCommerce offers a single, cross-channel view of every customer to provide consistent and personalized service, build loyalty, deepen relationships and grow lifetime value.

SuiteCommerce Advantages –

  • Built-in omnichannel capabilities
  • Wide range of ecommerce features including ratings, reviews, quick views, dynamic imaging and zooms, multiple image views, and more
  • Responsive designs that look good across devices
  • Support for multiple languages, currencies, taxes, shipping prices, and customs

On the other hand, SuiteComerce is largely dependent on NetSuite ERP and would not integrate well with any other ERP system. SuiteCommerce also has a high learning curve.

I hope you will be able to make an educated decision after weighing the pros and cons of both the platforms. However, I find Elastic Path a better investment vis-à-vis SuiteCommerce.

About SynergyTop –

SynergyTop is one of the key players in Custom Oracle Commerce Solution suite and have helped dozens of leading enterprise brands leverage Oracle Commerce to deliver engaging, relevant and profitable retail experiences.

SynergyTop is also proficient in other popular Ecommerce Technologies, Including, Elastic Path, SuiteCommerce, Magento, OS Commerce, and so on.

Our key expertise is in integrating our customer’s ERP and CRM solution suite with their chosen Ecommerce platform to streamline the business processes and enhanced user experience. We also offer specialized services in Shipping, Payment and Tax Integrations.

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