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The SynergyTop team is proficient in Xamarin – the cross-platform technology by Microsoft. Our team uses Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin. Android, along with Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio to develop Native iOS and Android Apps in C#. The code is reusable and the apps built are cross-functional and greater in performance.

We can help you by converting existing code library to a Xamarin Application with the help of bindings. Xamarin enables developers to use the same code for common functions – such as business logic, network access, and database usage. The developers can write them once and use them on a different platform.

Xamarin Services at SynergyTop

  • Bespoke services
  • Focus on quality
  • maintenance and post-launch services
  • Use of industry’s best practices and processes
  • A team of experienced Xamarin developers


Features of Xamarin

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