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SynergyTop is one of the early-adapters of Flutter and has experience in creating vibrant mobile applications using Flutter. Our team is working on some exciting Flutter projects and building robust, secure and feature-rich mobile applications for iOS and Android using Flutter.

Flutter Development at SynergyTop

  • End-to-end project management
  • Custom development
  • Best practices
  • Support and maintenance

Flutter is among the newest offering in the Cross-Platform development technologies. Introduced by Google, Flutter is a mobile app SDK that creates high-performance mobile applications for both Android and iPhone. Applications built using Flutter have rich and elegant UIs and are considerably faster vis-à-vis their contemporaries.

Flutter runs on Dart, which is relatively easy to learn for coders who are well-versed OOP languages, such as C++ and Java.


Here is why we recommend Flutter –

  • Open-source technology by Google
  • Support by a large community
  • Rich set of customizable widgets to provide Native-like experience
  • Hot Reload for instant updates and bug-fixes
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