Methodology – SynergyTop



SynergyTop’s approach to software development and web design is Do it Right the First Time. This enables us to save on the iteration time and help our clients get to the market faster.

Our solutions are developed using the Agile methodology and bring in a synergy between your business objectives and technology requirements.

Business assessment

The client engagement is at the outset, evaluated for its critical to business parameters in deliberation with the key stakeholders. This may vary with the industry, region and individual business targets.

We bring our experience in domain and business processes to provide valuable insights for achieving business objectives.

Technological assessment

We then consider the technical architecture design based on business assessment and its applicability in the business environment.

Building the solution

SynergyTop provides custom software development, design, implementation, erp integration and testing services to deliver solutions that are aligned with our clients’ business objectives.


We adhere to strict quality standards at each step of developing out tailored software solutions. We continue to provide enhancement and sustenance support as per the changing client requirements.

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